Create shopping experiences your customers will never forget.

Turbocharge your e-commerce store with a new product discovery experience, powered by AI.

Splashup is a product discovery experience for mid to large retailers and marketplaces allowing you to engage the right customers with the right product at the right time and ultimately convert to a sale.

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Splashup your checkout success

Re-imagine your store's experience with our AI and UX-powered real-time personalisation.

Reduce your stores’ bounce rates

Engage your visitors at the right point of their shopping journey by providing them with the option to tell you exactly what they are shopping for.

Increase your product click-through rates

Splashup allows you to engage with the visitors with the right product by providing them with a two-way engagement for the products they are looking for

Gain a granular understanding of your users' tastes.

'Low cut jeans in blue the rise'? Splashup provides you with a better understanding on what products your shoppers are seeking so you can optimise your inventory.

We process and understand your products, to deliver an experience that increases your store's shoppers' confidence, delights their experience, and starts driving higher conversion on your store.

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Splashin'up the love from our Beta users

This is really useful, time saving, life saving actually.

-- Julianna Setai (beta user)

The Splashup has really gone above and beyond in changing the discovery experience on GoHock.

– Tim Nicholas, CEO, Go Hock

I am always on the lookout for items and this is perfectly what I need.

Dharmita Padhi (beta user)

You guys have built a really really powerful tool.

– Fariha Shuvakhana (beta user)

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