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Splashup was created with the core belief that online shopping should be blissful, relevant and engaging and that everyone should discover products the way they dream about using them.

We're a Sydney-based retail tech startup founded in 2021 after realising the online retail space has historically been focused on the top of the funnel with little focus on the user experience to complete the entire journey to checkout.

When someone shops, they naturally explore alternatives options, scroll through pages, get relevant information, and read reviews before narrowing it to making a decision. This friction in the customer journey has most shoppers dropped off. What this is creating is an industry with an ad-driven culture resulting in a poor experience and inefficient methods for retailers to capture the right users with the right intent.

The team combined their experiences in retail, data and love for strong coffees to solve this problem and create Splashup, a re-imagined e-commerce shopping experience engine

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